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WILD LIFE is now playing on Hulu and Disney+

This anticipated film by Oscar-winning directors Jimmy Chin and Chai Vasarhelyi follows Doug and Kris Tompkins on an epic, decades-spanning love story as wild as the landscapes they dedicated their lives to protecting.

Once you see it, you might also want to rethink your life’s second act!

About the Film

WILD LIFE spotlights former Patagonia CEO and president and co-founder of Tompkins Conservation, Kristine Tompkins, on an epic, decades-spanning love story as wild as the landscapes she has dedicated her life to protecting. After falling in love in midlife, Kris and outdoorsman and entrepreneur Doug Tompkins left behind the world of the massively successful outdoor brands they’d helped pioneer — Patagonia, The North Face and Esprit — and turned their attention to a visionary effort to create National Parks throughout Chile and Argentina. WILD LIFE chronicles their journey to effect the largest private land donation in history.

The film spans decades of entrepreneurial and conservation work and serves as a stunning look into the unbelievable professional and personal highs and lows of Kristine’s life. Shot all across the wilderness of Chile, in conjunction with archival footage, the film is ripe with lush cinematography and poignant moments. The film also chronicles Kris and Doug’s close relationship with Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, and Kris’ time working in the early days of his climbing gear company, Chouinard Equipment, which quickly evolved into the conscious outdoor adventure brand that we know today as Patagonia.

Kristine Tompkins on WILD LIFE

“Jimmy and Chai have honored Doug’s and my life’s work in a profound, moving way. I am grateful. I can only wish that WILD LIFE offers a semblance of hope and reminds anyone who sees it that whoever you are and wherever you live you can make a difference in this world. Our work at Tompkins Conservation restoring the planet by creating parks on land and sea and rewilding is constant and ongoing.”

— Kristine Tompkins, Tompkins Conservation Cofounder and President

Photo Gallery

Doug, Yvon, and other hold up orange sign with writing "VIVA LOS FUN HOGS PATAGONIA '68". (Lito Tejada-Flores/Patagonia)
Doug Tompkins and Yvon Chouinard in sitting up in sleeping bags reading. (Lito Tejada-Flores/Patagonia)
President Michelle Bachelet and Kris Tompkins sign the Historic National Park Pledge. (Jimmy Chin)
Kris Tompkins looks a map of the parks with Yvon Chouinard. (Jimmy Chin)
Kris Tompkins and Rick Ridgeway talking and looking out towards mountainous landscape. (Jimmy Chin)
WildLife_080.jpg Jimmy standing on a slant with a snowy mountainside in the background. (Graham Deneen/National Geographic Documentary Films)
A portrait of Yvon Chouinard. (Jimmy Chin)
Rick Ridgeway gazes at the sunset in Patagonia National Park, Chile. (Jimmy Chin)
A black and white portrait of Doug Tompkins. (Scott Soens)


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