Corcovado National Park

Designated in 2005 by President Ricardo Lagos, the park was born of an innovative public-private collaboration spurred by a land donation from The Conservation Land Trust and Peter Buckley.

Photography by Antonio Vizcaíno

Contributors include Ricardo Lagos, Douglas Tompkins, Carlos Cuevas, Juan Emilio Cheyre, and Tom Butler

Published in 2012 by The Conservation Land Trust, distributed by Goff Editions

ISBN: 978-0984693214

El Amarillo, A Town's Rebirth

A pictorial history of the architectural restoration of the southern gateway village to Pumalín Douglas Tompkins Park.

Giant Anteater: A Homecoming to Iberá

In 2007, Tompkins Conservation began a successful program to restore this emblematic species to the Ibera wetlands. 

Edited by Ignacio Jiménez-Pérez

Contributors include Douglas Tompkins, Mario S. Di Bitetti, John Terborgh, Sofía Heinonen, Gustavo Solís, Alicia Delgado, Yamil E. Di Blanco, Karina Spørring, Rut Pernigotti, Federico Ponton, Boy Olmi, and Claudio Bertonatti

Published in 2013 by the Conservation Land Trust

ISBN: 978-9874509017

On Beauty, Douglas R. Tompkins—Aesthetics and Activism

In 2017, the David Brower Center honored Doug Tompkins with On Beauty, a photography exhibition and accompanying book. The project considered how the pursuit of beauty became a central, animating force in Doug’s life.

Essays by Tom Butler and Sarah Lubarsky

Principal Photography by Antonio Vizcaíno

Published in 2017 by the David Brower Center

ISBN: 978-0692928882

Patagonia ¡Sin Represas!

A Spanish-only pictoral history of the successful Patagonia Without Dams campaign (2008-2014), which effectively increased public awareness of a private dam project threatening Chile’s Aysen Region. The campaign, created by the coalition Consejo de Defensa de la Patagonia (CDP, or Patagonia Defense Council), resulted in a massive grassroots movement denouncing the environmental impact of five proposed megadams and a 1,200 mile transmission line, one of the longest in the world.

Edited by Juan Pablo Orrego and Patricio Rodrigo

Contributors include Manfred Max Neef, Juan Gastó Coderch, Luis Infanti de la Mora, Sara Larraín, Hernán Sandoval, Carlos Weber, John Wilson, Patrick McCully, Angel Cabezas Monteira, Douglas Tompkins, and others

Published in 2007 by Ocho Libros Editores

ISBN: 978-9568018375

Pumalín Douglas Tompkins National Park

Established in 2017, Pumalín Douglas Tompkins National Park is an incredible million-acre expanse of ancient forest, waterfalls and wild coast. The first park conservation project created and designed by Douglas Tompkins, today it bears his name. This collection of essays from president Michelle Bachelet, biologist E.O. Wilson and others celebrates this great conservation success story.

Photography by Antonio Vizcaíno and Linde Waidhofer

Contributors include E.O. Wilson, Michelle Bachelet, Kristine Tompkins, Carolina Morgado, Ingrid Espinoza, and Tom Butler

Published in 2020 by Tompkins Conservation

ISBN: 978-0984693290

25 Years of Tompkins Conservation

A quarter-century retrospective of Tompkins Conservation’s diverse range of conservation initiatives directed by Kristine and Douglas Tompkins to create parklands, conserve biodiversity, restore degraded lands, reintroduce missing species, encourage environmental activism, and promote ecological agriculture.

Principal Writer and Editor is Tom Butler

Published in 2016 by The Conservation Land Trust

Yendegaia National Park

The second major national park in Chile resulting from the conservation philanthropy of Doug and Kris Tompkins, Yendegaia covers roughly 372,000 acres between existing parks in Chile and Argentina, establishing a globally significant transboundary protected area.

Photography by Antonio Vizcaíno

Contributors include Douglas Tompkins, Sebastián Piñera, Hernán Mladinic Alonso, and  Nícolo Gligo Viel

Published in 2015 by The Conservation Land Trust, distributed by Goff Books

ISBN: 978-1939621221

Wildfire: A Century of Failed Forest Policy

With more than 150 dramatic photographs, Wildfire: A Century of Failed Forest Policy covers the topic of wildfire from ecological, economic, and social/political perspectives while also documenting how past forest policies have hindered natural processes, creating a tinderbox of problems that we are faced with today.

Edited by George Wuerthner

Contributors include Stephen J. Pyne, Mollie Matteson, Thomas R. Vale, Les Aucoin, Gary Snyder, Dominick Dellasala, Timothy Ingalsbee, Andy Kerr and others

Published in 2006 by the Foundation for Deep Ecology, distributed by Island Press

ISBN: 978-1597260701

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