A TED Talk by Kristine Tompkins

As part of TED 2020 Uncharted, the President of Tompkins Conservation, Kristine Tompkins, presents a call to reimagine the future of our planet. She speaks as someone who followed up on a long stint as CEO of Patagonia with a thirty-year career in conservation. In this intimate TED Talk, she argues that restoring nature and carrying out rewilding on a large scale are actions essential for our collective survival that are not as impossible as we might think.


In the talk, she emphasizes, “Every human life is affected by the actions of every other human life around the globe and the fate of humanity is tied to the health of the planet.  We have a common destiny—we can flourish, or suffer— but it’s going to be together.”


Not the usual TED talk, it was filmed at her dining room table due to the pandemic. You can find it at go.ted.com/kristinetompkins.

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