The Superdads of Patagonia National Park

Nov 21, 2023 | Chile

#1 Dad award goes to: Alas and Douglas are two Darwin’s rhea males who have been key in reversing the decline of their species in Patagonia National Park, Chile. For years these breeders have been boosting the wild rhea population while based at the Darwin’s Rhea Reproduction Center that we built with Rewilding Chile in Patagonia National Park, the first rewilding breeding center within a Chilean national park.

After raising four clutches of chicks in the park, Alas and Douglas have moved to Quimán Reserve Native Fauna Reproduction Center where they already have a new brood of chicks! Later this year, these chicks will be released on the Patagonian steppe where their presence will help it become a robust and intact habitat for all species.

WATCH the short video:

Photo: Darwin’s rhea father and offspring