Patagonia Azul

| Argentina |


Approximate area of land: 49,421 acres (20,000 hectares)
Estimated Carbon Storage: 2.05 million metric tonnes

After a long track record of working to protect land and terrestrial wildlife, in 2017 Rewilding Argentina (formerly CLT Argentina) began to work on marine conservation. The Argentine Sea is one of the most productive oceans on the planet and it is highly underprotected. The Patagonia Azul vision encompasses more than 200 kilometers of coastal habitat that harbors a myriad of species. Sandy beaches, rocky coves, and more than 60 small islands, together with high levels of sea productivity, provide breeding, feeding, and migration grounds for an array of terrestrial and marine birds and mam­mals. The objective of this new project is to restore natural ecosystems and threatened populations of native species on land and underwater, while promoting an alternative local economy that is sustainable over time and respectful of nature.