Iberá National Park

| Argentina |

Area: 1,753,749 acres (709,717 hectares)
Estimated Carbon Storage: 245.6 million metric tonnes

Iberá Park is comprised of Iberá National Park (almost 395,000 acres) and Iberá Provincial Park (1.3 million acres) to form the largest park in Argentina. Centered on the great Iberá marshlands of Corrientes Province, Iberá Park’s diverse habitats of open water, marshlands, grasslands, and forests are home to some 4,000 species of flora and fauna (almost 30 percent of the total recognized in Argentina). The park is also home to our innovative program of “rewilding”—efforts to restore natural processes and recover missing species—including a captive breeding program for jaguar reintroduction.

Park History

After years of local and national advocacy, in 2018 Iberá National Park was established by Congress. Since 1997, CLT-Argentina, a nongovernmental organization created by Doug and Kris Tompkins and which now operates as “Rewilding Argentina,” has acquired about 370,000 acres in the marshlands region. Roughly 197,000 acres have already been donated to the national government for Iberá National Park; the rest will be donated incrementally through 2020.