Kristine and Douglas Tompkins launched their conservation initiatives as venture philanthropists, investing their funds, time, and energy into rewilding a healthy planet with big, wild, and connected landscapes where animals and plants can thrive—all in an effort to confront climate chaos and the global extinction crisis.

Our supporters are the heart of everything we do. Tompkins Conservation supports our offspring organizations in Chile and Argentina, as well as emerging conservation initiatives worldwide. Your contribution can make a crucial difference toward a wilder world.

Tompkins Conservation no longer accepts charitable contributions directly. If you would like to support our work, you can make a gift to the Tompkins Conservation Project Fund at Re:wild, which is now the fiscal sponsor for our organization.

“If anything can save the world,
I’d put my money on beauty.”

—Doug Tompkins


When Doug and Kris Tompkins began their conservation work in the early 1990s, their goal was that the projects that they started in Argentina and Chile would continue beyond their lifetimes and that of their foundation.


The teams in Argentina and Chile with whom Tompkins Conservation has worked for decades are now independent organizations: Rewilding Argentina and Rewilding Chile. They continue to carry out the initiatives that we began together, and have also expanded their objectives with new projects to protect land and sea, rewild extirpated species, and promote local regenerative economies. Tompkins Conservation continues to be a strategic collaborator of both organizations.


Yet we cannot fund this critical work on our own. Your contribution is essential to the future of conservation in Chile and Argentina. If you would like to support their work via a US-based 501(c)(3) public charity, you can make a gift (below) through their fiscal sponsor organization: Re:wild.

From reintroducing jaguars in Argentina to protecting parklands in Chilean Patagonia, there is much work to be done, and we can do so much more together.




To facilitate planned giving and legacy gifts in support of enduring conservation efforts, Tompkins Conservation has set up two donor-advised funds—the Tompkins Conservation Fund and the Douglas R. Tompkins Wild Legacy Fund—at the Marin Community Foundation (MCF), a grantmaking public charity that has operated for more than three decades and partners with more than 500 individuals and families in their giving efforts.


If you would like to leave a conservation legacy and plan a gift, CONTACT US.