Agricultura ecológica: Video muestra la transformación del campo en Laguna Blanca

Agriculture affects more of the world’s land than any other human activity.  For that reason, we are working to develop more ecologically sound forms of agriculture. One of the newest and most exciting agriculture projects we are working on is the Laguna Blanca farm in the Entre Rios province of Argentina.  The 7,418-acre Laguna Blanca farm, formerly farmed fence-to-fence with chemical-industrial monoculture, is being restored into an organic polyculture.  Where once mechanically-laid rows of industrial crops eroded the soils, now a colorful, carefully balanced patchwork of grains, vegetables, nuts, berries and herbs is being tended with great success.

We’ve put together a short film depicting the amazing transformation going on at Laguna Blanca–take a look!

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  1. I believe the reoasn that SDSU does not have an organic farm is because the people who make those kinds of decisions for the school are totally invested in the AGRIBUSINESS model. That particular model is driven by Monsanto, Ceiba Geigy, Cargill (I may be forgetting some) and other obscenely powerful companines whose primary concern is their own bottom line in the short term rather than what is widely beneficial and sustainable for the planet and it’s creatures.

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