Available Now: The Entire CLT Collection of National Park Books


Goff Books, in partnership with the Conservation Land Trust, is set to release all five books in the National Parks series. Each book shares essays from world-renowned conservationists and stunning photographs of some of the world’s last truly wild places.

Each book in the collection features a different wilderness area: Corcovado National Park and Yendegaia National Park in Chile, Monte Leon National Park and Perito Moreno National Park in Argentina, and the Esteros del Ibera region in Argentina, where conservationists are making great strides in restoring endangered species and working towards a national park designation in the future. The Conservation Land Trust, and related organizations under Tompkins Conservation, has helped establish, expand, and protect each of these world-class wildlands.


Photo: Esteros del Ibera, Goff Books

“These new park books, with their high production quality and stunning images, represented a great opportunity to showcase the work of CLT and expose the general population to what a truly wild place looks like,” says Goff Books publisher Gordon Goff. Goff has worked with Doug Tompkins on activist-oriented books such as Welfare Ranching and Fatal Harvest.

Publishing is not a new role for CLT or the Foundation for Deep Ecology (FDE), both of which operate under Tompkins Conservation and have been creating books for the last twenty years in an effort to inform, educate, and inspire action in the public sphere on behalf of wild nature.

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Photo: Perito Moreno, Goff Books

According to Tompkins, “a large-scale combination of dramatic photographs, attention-grabbing captions, and informative essays could draw attention to previously overlooked environmental battles,” which is why the books have become a favored and effective campaign tool. These books have raised the level of activism on conservation issues through systematically laying out the arguments against various deleterious practices and industries and bearing witness to the widespread destruction they create.

Additionally, in a rare move for booksellers working in a very constricted market, Goff Books and CLT have agreed to use proceeds from the sales of the books to go directly toward continuing conservation efforts at the parks detailed in each of the books.

In the end, the publishing program accomplishes the goals of CLT and other organizations fighting to protect wild spaces, but these beautiful books also celebrate the elegance of our Earth’s most wild, and therefore, most sacred places.

The books are available to purchase on www.Amazon.com.

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Photo: Yendegaia National Park, Goff Books

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