Conservation connections across continents

Unfamiliar landscapes and new models for protecting them can provide invaluable insight for saving our home places.  Field trips to different conservation projects combine work and play, giving invaluable perspective and forming new connections.  In June and July, Doug and Kris traveled to the Serengeti and Namibia to visit conservation colleagues—and watch a spectacular array of wildlife.

One of the last stops of their trip was with the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), which is dedicated to saving the cheetah in the wild in face of ever-mounting environmental and developmental pressures.  Kris met Laurie Marker, CCF’s founder and CEO, years ago, but never before had the chance to see her cheetah conservation work in action.   When Laurie heard Doug and Kris planned to visit Namibia, she asked them to act as the special guest speakers at the CCF 14th Annual Gala, in Windhoek, Namibia.  The gala, themed “Making Strides for Cheetahs,” honored key Namibians and Cheetah Conservation Fund staff and volunteers who are at the forefront of cheetah conservation.

Kris and Doug were were delighted to act as special guest speakers for the event.  They recounted their tale of conservation, and made an impassioned call to the audience to pursue the work of conservation and philanthropy with dedication.

Perhaps the highlight of the whole trip, however, was this moment:

Kris: “Yesterday with Laurie Marker here in Namibia.  I was in heaven!”

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  1. John W. Herbert Jr.

    Doug – It has been a long time since we last saw each other! I was a young lad of 21 living in SF back in 1968. I worked briefly for you at The North Face shop selling skiing and climbing gear and I had the privilege of camping with you and Yvonne, learning the rudiments of rock climbing and getting a first hand experience of the magnificance of Yosemite Valley that can only be experienced high above its floor. And then there were those great trips in the Volvo Wagon and the famous “box” as we embarked on ski racing adventures; and visiting with you and Suzy in your kitchen as she worked on designs for what morphed into Esprit…

    Congratulations on your wonderful life of service to the environment and sustainability. I am now at the wonderful young age of 65, a lot wiser, but still with a twinkle in my eye after all these years. You taught me a lot about life in the brief time I was lucky enough to spend with you. I met a friend of yours from Brazil this morning in Winter Haven, Florida (Maristela) and my conversation with her is what led to my communication. I am looking forward to making a trip down to South America next year and hopefully we will have a chance to re-connect.
    Best regards,

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