Tompkins Conservation

The Work Goes On

The unexpected death of Tompkins Conservation cofounder Douglas Tompkins has generated worldwide attention. Doug’s family and everyone associated with Tompkins Conservation have been touched by the outpouring of remembrances and condolences from around the globe. Doug and Kristine Tompkins’s vision of creating and expanding national parks, rewilding damaged landscapes, and helping model wildlife-friendly ecological agriculture on their personal farms and ranches remains the touchstone of our efforts.

While Kris Tompkins is heartsick over Doug’s loss, she has made her wishes clear: “working with President Bachelet in Chile and president-elect Macri in Argentina we will continue—and even accelerate—our work to create new national parks.” The legacy of Douglas Tompkins does not end with his final trek into the wilderness but will live on in the wild habitat, wild creatures, and wild beauty he helped sustain—and in the places that conservationists mentored by him or inspired by his example will protect in the future.

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